Inglés para principiantes


Nivel escolar: De 6 a 12 años.

ÍNDICE – 47 PRIMARIA: 2º – 3º – 4º
Pág.2 What can you see?
Pág.3 More pictures.
Pág.4 Animals.
Pág.5 Your Body.
Pág.6 What are you wearing?
Pág.7 Fred´s room.
Pág.8 In the street.
Pág.9 Yes or no?
Pág.10 What colour are they?
Pág.11 Colours.
Pág.12 1-12 / One-twelve.
Pág.13 How many?
Pág.14 How much are they?
Pág.15 What time is it?
Pág.16 What are they doing?
Pág.17 Who?
Pág.18 Where?
Pág.19 Questions / Answers.
Pág.20 Can you ask questions? / A talk.
Pág.21 What? Who? Where? How? / Questions words.
Pág.22 Martin´s presents / Barbaras presents.
Pág.23 Opposites / Pairs.
Pág.24 The outsider / Word groups.
Pág.25 12 verbs / I like he likes.
Pág.26 From a to l / From m to z.
Pág.27 Missing letters / Put in the letters.
Pág.28 Dogs cats / cat hat.
Pág.29 Lets make words / More words.
Pág.30 New words / A or an?
Pág.31 12 riddles / A quiz.
Pág.32 A crossword.

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